Natural Killer Cells – Your Immune System’s Frontline Army Against Evil Doers

natural cell killerIn your body, there’s a war being fought every day. And the white blood cells in your body called “natural killer cells” don’t have a draft day. They don’t get to choose if they’ll serve in the war or not. They’re born into service. And they’re born with no training needed. They already know what to do and how to do it. They only become more efficient with experience. They’re job is to take down any harmful evil doers that have made their way into your body and are wreaking havoc on your immune system.

And there’s no shortage of these “evil doers” to take down. Every day, more and more natural killer cell enemies find their way into your body. Some of them, you can avoid. Most of them, you can’t – unless you walk around in a giant plastic bag – but even then, you have to breathe.

You can avoid some of them by watching – carefully – what you eat and allow into your body. Don’t buy fruit with pesticides. If you do, you’re welcoming them in. If you smoke cigarettes or are around cigarette smoke, you’re inviting them to damage to your cells, including (but not limited to) your heart, brain, and lung cells. And that bag of chips you had with lunch? It was more than a bag of delicious sliced potatoes – it was a vehicle driving more enemy combatants into your body. So stay away from processed snack foods, fruits sprayed with pesticides (go organic), and cigarette smoke.

If you do that, you’ll give your natural killer cells a chance. They already have their hands full without the added pressure of added enemies. No matter what you do, you’ll welcome some baddies into your body during your day – just by breathing in your environment, which often includes chemical cleaners and pollution (hard to avoid in this day and age). That’s why it’s important you help them win the fight when you can. Check out The Harmony Company for DGP solution

103-fullIf you don’t, the long term effects are downright scary. Your natural killer cells will get tired, without ever having a break. And when they’re tired, they aren’t able to kill as effectively (think a sniper who hasn’t slept in a few days). And when the frontline falls or lets some enemies through, those enemies are free to attack.

And when they start winning the fight against your immune system, they can (among other things) make you age more quickly. And, as you age, your immune system and natural killer cells get even weaker. So, by making you age quickly, they’re effectively hitting your body with a double whammy. And besides that, who wants to age more quickly than necessary? Don’t eat well just to look skinny and get that hot date. Do it because your health, your natural killer cells, your immune system, and your time on this planet all depend on it.

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