Accelerin Review

Accelerin is a nootropic supplement that has been introduced into the market recently by its manufacturers, who believes it’s the best memory-boosting supplement the nootropic market has never seen before. Currently, the supplement is in the US and Europe markets. Read this review to know more about it.

What is accelerin?

Accelerin is a nootropic product whose main goal is to increase memory and improve focus. The product is claimed to consist only of natural ingredients. These ingredients such as caffeine, work towards a common purpose of sharpening your memory and concentration. It’s made in capsule form and packed in bottles. Each bottle goes for around $60 and its meant to last you for a month.

How Does Accelerin Work?

Amongst us, there are those people who are sharp and good at almost everything while some just live shadow lives without being able to explore the peak of their mental abilities. Scientists have been able to explain this situation by asserting that the difference between those with good memory capacity and those without lies in the concentration of certain minerals and vitamins in their brains. Those with good memory have an adequate supply of this essential vitamins while those without have a little supply.

Accelerin, the new “limitless pill” as it is well-known, works to introduce these essential vitamins into the brain enhancements to improve memory and focus. Some of the ingredients it contains like caffeine have been known to stir up people and improve their focus even when used independently.

Accelerin will balance your brain’s chemical concentration and give you a chance to access all the possibilities you could never imagine of. With good usage, now your memory lapses will be a thing of the past.

How to buy it

Currently, it can be obtained online through its manufacture’s website. Being a new product in the market, free shipping is offered but only to American addresses.


The exact formula has been kept a secret, however, some of the main ingredients it possesses are:

  • vitamin B3
  • Niacin
  • Vitamin B6
  • Alpha GPC
  • L-Tyrosine
  • Vinpocetine

Side Effects

Accelerin Customer Feedback is only known to increase memory and focus. No negative side effects have been reported about it so far.

Does it really work?

Well, the only way to be sure about that is to either try it out yourself or get information from closer friends and relatives that have tried it out. However, it has received a satisfactory amount of positive reviews from some of its users.

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Natural Treatments for Lupus

Lupus is an autoimmune condition that affects the muscle, tissues and organs.

Thousands of patients with autoimmune diseases have seen recovery with the following plan.


1. Vitamin D3- Essential for balancing hormones in the body and proper functioning of your immune system. Over 80% of people are deficient in vitamin D3.
Take 5,000 IU 2x a day for 1 month and then 5,000 IU per day (if you cannot get direct sunlight for at least 20 minutes.)

2. Collagen Protein Powder- The root cause of lupus is leaky gut syndrome. To repair lupus you must start by repairing the gut. Here is the collagen protein powder that I suggest:

3. Frankincense Essential Oil- A natural anti-inflammatory. Rub this on your neck and forehead or put 2 drops on your thumb and rub onto the roof of your mouth 2x a day to balance the immune system.

4. Digestive Enzymes & HCL (Hydrochloric Acid)
Lupus is related to low stomach acid so suggested action steps are to eat smaller meals, chew more, add apple cider vinegar and water, and use digestive enzymes (2-3 capsules with meals) or HLC with pepsin.

5. Probiotics- Crowd yeast out of the body and heal the gut. The probiotics that I suggest using are:

Diet: Foods that are easy to digest and repair your gut

1. Bone Broth- contains amino acids that repair the gut and boost the Immune system naturally
2. Vegetables (ex. steamed broccoli, cauliflower & spinach)
3. Organic Meats (ex. wild caught salmon & organic chicken) only 4 oz. servings of meat with your meal
4. Fruits- blueberries and raspberries
5. Fermented dairy products – goat’s milk kefir and goat’s milk yogurt are high in probiotics

Also be careful using:

Gluten- found in wheat and most grains today
A1 Casein- very inflammatory to body
Processed foods and hydrogenated oils

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The Secret To Staying Healthy: The Lymphatic System – Dr Mandell

The Secret To Staying Healthy: The Lymphatic System – Dr Mandell
The lymphatic system is part of the circulatory system and a vital part of the immune system, comprising a network of lymphatic vessels that carry a clear fluid called lymph directionally towards the heart. There are hundreds of lymph nodes in the human body. When the lymph system becomes congested and loses its ability to remove waste efficiently, the body will start to speak to us; the signs of circulatory congestion continues leading to many health problems and diseases.

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Product Talk: Immune System Health #6

Product Talk: Immune System Health #6
In the sixth installment of the immune system health series, Senior Director of Health Information Services Brent Vaughan, PhD, RD and Senior Director of Product Development Shane Lefler, MS detail the ingredients in our top immune system product, 4Life® Transfer Factor Plus® Tri-Factor® Formula. Stay tuned for next week’s video!

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How to repair an Air Conditioning condenser leak

How to repair an Air Conditioning condenser leak
This one is about finding and repairing a condenser coil tubing leak.
This video is part of the heating and cooling series of training videos made to accompany my websites: and to pass on what I have learned in many years of service and repair. If you have suggestions or comments they are welcome.
If you are a homeowner looking to repair your own appliance, understand that the voltages can be lethal, the fuels are highly flammable and high pressures are used. Know your limits.

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Air conditioner do it yourself repair. AC charging.

Air conditioner do it yourself repair. AC charging.
Here in this video I am showing how to charge Freon in split air conditioner. This is not something a complete tutorial on evacuation and refilling but showing only the way to refill the system if it had been leaked down due to some reason and low on cooling. This will help DIY guys to figure out their air conditioner at their own facilities without removal and taking them to service centers. By this way the job will be done in budget. Some times I will shoot a complete video on the system installation and charging when ever get a chance.

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AC fan not working – how to repair broken HVAC Run Start Capacitor – air condition

AC fan not working – how to repair broken HVAC Run Start Capacitor – air condition
My AC stop working and blows hot air. The fan wasnt blowing when the AC was on. I opened the panel and saw the run capacitor bulging out. The run capacitor stores up charge to kick start the compressor and fan. So, if thats broken, then may be thats why my fan isn’t running. So, i bought one for on the internet and it fixed the problem
This is for documentation and reference only. I am not a professional.

I made a new video in 4k quality and more info:

Many asked where to buy a run start capacitor? Search “HVAC supply” in google maps and a local AC supply store sells it. Or go to online stores like Amazon. The following link goes to Amazon’s capacitor section:

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